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Got a call from M.Dudek (TE-EPC) asking if it was ok to apply a transparent update on GPS target PLC. I clearly asked if we need to do anything on our side and he said it will be completely transparent.
Once he applied the update I saw the heating of all PowPLC devices (both target and line) went to 0!
After I informed him he clarified that it was transparent for him and he actually meant that when he applies an update the PLC will stop and take values to 0.
Good to know for the future...
I restarted the devices and took them to previous values.
Another effect of the transparent update was that the YGPS.ELDEFL went to local and while it is off it has an AQN of 7V.
name: 20160929100724.png
According to the expert we need to locally change YGPS.ELDEFL to go back to remote.